K Bling Ft Webbie Brown & Qris – Tribute song to JSmath




What a great loss to the family & Friends, in particular artists, our tears will be wiped out but our memories will be ringing day & night for you JSmath. May the Lord be with you Brother Man.

K Bling x Webbie Brown & Qris sympathizes JSmath’s family & Friends by doing a tribute song to our beloved music producer (JSmath) who passed away on 13th April,2020.

It’s a huge gap which cannot be covered at all, what a great young talented producer to leave us just like that? You were like a father xmas to every artist & friends out there. We a huge loss. Any way, where ever you are, we just want to let you know that, we will miss you! M. Y. S. R. I. P (JSmath Amacele) Magical Sounds. Production management was done by Cestic.






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