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The following people are our members who deserves to be called KwaZans. Meet our team today.


Eric Nyambe Mwaanga
Radio Presenter | Music Producer | Graphic Designer

Eric Nyambe also known as Dj Bucho is an integrated digital creative agency specialised in branding, Making artwork, research, Newscaster and radio station presenter at Wave Radio Station in Choma, Zambia. He is a member of since 2016. He is a Radio Dj / presenter at wave radio station in southern province were he promotes Zambian music with a brakefast show every Saturday at 09:00hrs on Wave Radio Station 98.7 FM. Besides, during his free time, he always do Music producing at Truth On Point Music in Mazabuka were every individual tends to cover up his Jams. He is an artwork designer, he is a full-time KwazanMusicBlog member. Meet him on Facebook below! Thank you...



Dj BoRn Chityamba
Music Producer

Dj BoRn is a Music Producer found in Mazabuka, Zambia.

He is the only producer who can boast of producing different songs in Mazabuka, Zambia currently & has worked on any genre and has a portfolio on several genres in Africa locationally Zambia, Mazabuka.

He is the man behind O'Level Studio Production were many artists in Mazabuka records from. His talent as a producer has dominated alot, he engeers every type of music out there. He is a full time member of For bookings meet his Facebook account below by clicking on a Facebook icon. Thank you... 

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DjKash Beats
Music Producer

He is one of the few Producers who has dominated the Nampside music industry especially NPDWE industry, he doubles as a music manager, and a musicians also providing chorus for other musical acts, He is Multi instrumentalist playing, keyboard, drums, guitar, and several others a multi producing instru both locally and internationally instruments.

He had produced songs for artist such as Kapansa, Big Soya, and several others.

He owns one of the best studios in Nampundwe called Freshest Records Production. He is a full time member of KwazanMusicBlog. Meet him on his Facebook account for bookings. Thanks... 


Seth Chibambo King Kunta
Radio Dj

On his Afternoon radio show on Wave Radio Station 98.7Fm, most of his callers and contributors refer to him as King Kunta.

He is the afternoon show host of ‘kunta’ on Wave Radio 98.7 FM. He works with the radio station with the most listeners in Zambia’s capital and the entire country.

King Kunta is an objective person who does not mince words on his show. His thunderous laughter and humour get listeners glued to their sets till his show ends. Get packed every Thursday from 14:00 to 18:00hrs.

Through his media work, king Kunta has initiated the ‘project of promoting the upcoming artists to raise through music. He is the full member of KwazanMusicBlog.

Please meet him on his Facebook account by Clicking an icon Below. Thank you!!! 

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