Tyboy releases a fresh single christened “ Ujokele”. This is a Re-Up of the song from his happening album titled “ Utalike kubeleka“.

Tyboy narrates a story of how ungrateful some women can be, you help her complete school and send her to University unfortunately whilst at University she meets another man. It was not easy to bear the pain of losing this woman to another man.

Few months later, this woman got a job and she completely forgot about the man who helped her archive her goals and continued dating the new guy. She only worked for a month and then she lost her job and thus how the new boyfriend left her for another woman, now she has realized her mistake and she’s asking him back, Tyboy looked at her and said “Kuli oyo ujokele” meaning go back to your boyfriend am not taking you back.

The topmost singer act pours out the heartfelt syllables.Production credit goes to Best records .


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