Victoria Mulengula nominated for Miss Legacy Universe 2020




The Zambian female modeling act “Victoria Mulengula” was nominated for the great competition (Miss Legacy Universe 2020) which will take place in Ghana. Someone might be asking what Ms Legacy Universe it’s all about!

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Miss Legacy Universe is a pageant aimed at empowering young women through culture and tourism. That’s why our own Zambian ultimate act “Vickie” is on the list of those who will be picked on the top 10 spot, & yes we believe, she will do it.

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If you think being a model in Zambia is hard, then you can imagine what it means being a successful model. It is even harder. The glitz and glamour sphere is something which raises the eyebrows of everyone – the best paying industry package with glitter and beauty. And Vickie is one of them to make it to the next level. How is she going to make it? It’s about your support. We have to support her by Voting for her via online on

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However, some models have not reached this position lying on sugar beds, the way was tougher than we can even imagine with fad diets and meticulous work out regimes. Then her, she is here, competing with different people internationally, from southern province of Zambia, Mazabuka to Ghana. Wow proud of you Vickie.

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Let’s support her. She needs our support, She represents Zambia at large. This is something special to achieve.

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Its kindly simple, simply click here ? Vote here Or search

Voting for our Fan Favorite Queen begins on April 12th.
Kindly share for votes.
Winner gets an automatic entry into Top 10 Spot.

Miss Legacy Universe 2020
September 2020
Accra, Ghana ??

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