Yo Maps Purchased Studio Equipments Worth K43,000 For Yachi




It was a great anguish for the Zambian ultimate music singer, songwriter, producer etc to loose studio equipments including huge project in music.

Mumba Yachi’s Studio was set on fire by unknown cowards yesterday. It was something unbelievable.

When you just invest huge in music production and in return, you just find your projects on fire! Too depressing.

Nevertheless, the Zambian hitmaker “Yo Maps” sympathizes Mumba by donating studio equipments Worth K43,000.00.

Yo Maps’s statement reads, “Paid a visit to my friend and brother Yachi today… Yachi, you have complete control over only one thing in the universe *Your thinking* be positive and stay focused. Your enemies are fewer than your friends. I have managed to purchase studio equipments Worth k43,000.00”


it’s a wonderful Life news to support a friend who just got some fall down, but come again, Maps offers something big! Thank you Yo Maps,at God bless you more. Your works are real.

Original studio equipments, this is something Zambia will appreciate,ore especially when Mumba Yachi always releases fires, we cannot wait to see him bounce back with this.


Mumba Yachi appreciates Yo Maps, he says “Thank You so much to @yomapsofficial and his management team for this ? my team and I are truly greatful. The support is really overwhelming from everyone”.



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